Beards have stumbled from the rugged faces of woodsmen via the hipster’s movement and have now been transformed into something more of a fashion statement. It’s now an accessory, a refined essence of manly sophistication. If you fellas are going for some dapper smoothness or an air of gentlemanly suaveness, you’ll need a bit more care for your beard than just some involuntary hair growth.

Beard oil is a great way to maintain and tame that beast on your face.

Beard oil is packed with ingredients that help nourish the beard and promote healthy growth. There are tons of badass beard oils out there—we can’t speak for those—but Brooklyn Soap’s beard oil is jam-packed, like your middle-school girlfriend’s bra, with all-natural ingredients and essential oils. What these all-natural, essential oils do is give your beard natural moisture while supplying your beard with tons of vitamins. This will keep your hair from flaking and will soften the coarseness of your beard. Another huge plus: the essential oils will give it a nice manly scent. Ladies, prepare to run your fingers through some manly awesomeness!

It’s extremely easy to apply and is a huge step in beard care. All you need are a few drops in the palm of your hand—obviously you’ll need more if you have hella beard hair— then rub your palms together and gently run your hands through your beard until you feel that you have spread it evenly. There is no need to drench your beard; greasy isn’t handsome, but a nice, healthy shine is. You’ll be a babe magnet for sure…unless, of course, the babe doesn’t like beards. If that’s the case, you have no business being with a beard hater anyway! Nah, we’re just joking. But beard oil is the perfect addition to your hygiene regimen.

Warning: Brooklyn Soap’s Beard Oil may cause beard envy among fellow beardsmen. Use at your own discretion.